Emirates Economy Class – Airlines – why book it?

Emirates Economy Review: Are you booking an Emirates economy class ticket? 

Emirates airplaine hanger
Flying Economy Class on Emirates

If so, then you have landed on the right page. You must be thinking that this is a sponsored post but please note, it is NOT. Emirates is one of my preferences based on my experiences.

There are 30 things on which I rate the flights, I will soon make it public. My rating system is called “Comfys“. I give this airline 9.1 comfys (out of 10, It the maximum I have rated any airlines)

So, why do I prefer and suggest Emirates airlines?

Flying Economy Class on Emirates
Flying Economy Class on Emirates


It is not that I will travel every time in Emirates economy class, it can be super expensive at times, can be a longer flight as compared to rest options like Delhi, India to Bangkok, Thailand. No, I will never choose Emirates in such scenarios.

I will prefer Emirates for long journeys like to Europe, America, etc and for short journeys like to UAE or any other, only if, it is in my budget and offers suitable journey length.


Emirates economy class provides comfort, luxury and with choices. This is how:


This flight offers big and comfortable seats. If I am on this flight, I am confident that I will be at peace and comfortable throughout the flight. Even the middle row seats are not uncomfortable. Every seat has a personal fan and light. The armrests are movable so in case you are lucky to have the next seat empty, just put the armrest up and enjoy the bigger space.



You get enough space to let your legs relax. It is spacious and your knees won’t touch the next seat unless you are 6ft 4″+ approx. You also get a footrest in some flights.


Flying Economy Class on Emirates
Emirates Economy Class


3. The ICE – information, communication, and Entertainment system

This is a screen with a vast multilingual variety. The system will be available for you from the moment you sit in the flight. You can choose from Movies, TV shows, News, Radio, games, Information on Dubai- everything that a tourist needs to know, and much more. There is so much for entertainment that you will not get bored even if it is a 17hrs flight.

This is what I chose on my flight and I loved it! Do check it out…

It is a small thing but it really helps, the flight information is always available on the top corner of your screen. You don’t have to stop your movie to check how much time is left to reach your destination.  The moment you click it, your screen splits into two parts – your movie and the flight information.

Flying Economy Class on Emirates
Flying Economy Class on Emirates

There are so many options for you that it becomes difficult to check out all the things and pick the best. But even that is taken care of through a book. There is a manual in your seat pocket that tells you what all you can watch, so definitely browse through it.

Flying Economy Class on Emirates
Flying Economy Class on Emirates


In case, if you get bored of all the TV then you can read some good books. I would like to recommend some good books for tree lovers here.



It is good every time, there are various screen sizes in different type of Emirates aircraft. You can see it yourself in the above video.



This is my favourite as I can stay connected with you! If you are a skyward member, it is a free membership, you get 20mb free for 2hours. You have paid options for more data like 500mb for 10 USD. Do become a member to get benefits like redeemable miles, onboard data etc.



The staff is polite, helpful and understand your needs. This can vary obviously as different flights have different crew members.


7. Keep your electronics charged

There are sockets on the seats – one of 110V and another is a USB socket. Just plug your USB cable in the port and you are good to go.


8. To top it all – CAMERAS

Yes, you get to see outside of the plane – the actual outside view from different angles irrespective of your seats. There are 3 options to choose from, view from the front camera, view from the camera beneath the plane, view from the camera at/near the tail. So pick the best view and enjoy!

Here is one of the feed, I couldn’t hold my camera still, haha but you will get an idea.



It is good and much better than other airlines. You can opt from a variety of meals online prior to your flight. You will not be disappointed with the menu or the taste. The red and white wine served in the airplane are very good, exclusively made for Emirates passengers.

I am a vegetarian so can’t comment on the non-vegetarian food being served. Here are a couple of meals I have tried:

Flying Economy Class on Emirates
Flying Economy Class on Emirates
Flying Economy Class on Emirates
Flying Economy Class on Emirates

Before the food is served you get a menu with all the information on your food choices, I think this is a good idea as you get time to decide and you can be sure of what you want.

Flying Economy Class on Emirates
Flying Economy Class on Emirates
Flying Economy Class on Emirates
Flying Economy Class on Emirates

And, it is written in more than one languages. So no worries if you are not comfortable with English.

The Lavatory size is also good, you can do your business at peace. Haha…

Flying Economy Class on Emirates
Flying Economy Class on Emirates


I can’t comment on the ride quality for obvious reasons but I have had a good experience all the time.

With all the above-mentioned facilities, Emirates economy class seems no less than a Business class… I will not leave you thinking about the business class of this airlines.. I will show it to you 😀

Flying Business Class on Emirates
Flying Business Class on Emirates


Must-Follow Tips for any airlines:

A. Become a member prior to booking and earn miles and enjoy other privileges.

B. Checkin online – it starts 48 hrs prior to the flight. Do it asap to reserve seats of your choice.

The post is based on my travel experience on flights A380-800(EK003 – EK510) and B777-300ER(EK511 – EK075 – EK148). 


Check out some travel tips to make your trip better!

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Flying Economy Class on Emirates


Review of Emirates Airlines - economy class
Flying Economy Class on Emirates


13 thoughts on “Emirates Economy Class – Airlines – why book it?”

  1. i quite like Emirates too! i fly between Australia and the UK and I’ve never once had a problem with them (around 4 long haul flights over 5 years)

  2. I’ve never flown with Emirates but I have a friend who swears by it and he will always book with them when possible. Great post!

  3. Harmony, Momma To Go

    I did NY – MIlan in 2017 and it was great, but now they have a bargain economy fare where you cant book your seat – we are a family of four so not sure how that works. I guess you can book it 48 hours in advance!?!?! They often have sales for flight out of NY so the price is right!

    1. Right, Emirates does offer some seats for selection for free while web check-in(48 hrs in advance). I guess bargain fares are better. Even if you don’t get desired seats while doing web check-in, you can request it at the airport. If the flight is not full then you get the desired seats.

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