Pattaya Tourism – Places to Visit in Pattaya

A perfect guide for finding all the things to do in Pattaya City

Even Salman Khan and Pierce Brosnan don’t miss a chance to enjoy holidays in Thailand. They both shot their action sequences in Thailand in a tuk-tuk! Pattaya City is a gem in Thailand and you just can’t miss it.

Check out why Pattaya Holidays are a must for you and know all the places to visit and things to do in Pattaya city. Later, I will take you to the action sequence of Salman Khan in Pattaya…

Thailand has many wonderful tranquil islands and Pattaya is one of the most famous out of all. You get a wonderful mix of beaches, malls, fruits, massage parlors, 24 hrs open clubs, Pattaya walking street, and fun activities like parasailing, undersea walk and much more…

Pattaya Beach, Thailand
Places to visit in Pattaya, Thailand Holidays

The entire city is walkable and also has good options for commutation like tuk-tuks, mototaxis, and rented scooters. Seems like most of the other islands of Thailand but believe you me all have its own unique beauty.

I would highly recommend clubbing at least two destinations when on a vacation, there are many beautiful places in Thailand. To make your selection easy I have mentioned details about nearby cities as well. Check it out

Thailand holidays need a Thailand visa, so before you proceed further, check out the Thailand visa on arrival requirements.


Know the following details as you read along:

  • Thailand Currency (Pattaya Currency)
  • Where is Pattaya City on Thailand Map
  • Pattaya hotels
  • Attractions in Pattaya
  • Shopping in Pattaya
  • Indian Restaurants
  • Safety in Pattaya

Thailand Currency

1 Thai Baht(TBH) ~ 2 Rupees (INR)

Pattaya is cheaper than Bangkok, yes it is that cheap.

Thailand Currency, Thailand

Thailand Currency

Where is Pattaya City on Thailand Map

Pattaya City on Thailand Map
Thailand Map

Pattaya City is on the Gulf coast of Thailand.

Bangkok to Pattaya is just 2 hours away by road, there is an international airport called U-Tapao Rayong Pattaya International Airport in Pattaya city but the flights are expensive and of longer duration from this airport.

U-Tapao airport is a joint civil-military airport. It is better to board or arrive from/at Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok.


Pattaya Hotels

Pattaya City, Thailand Map
Pattaya City, Thailand Map

Prefer South Pattaya if you want to be near the most happening part of the city. This area is full of all the stuff for which you came to this city.

Here you will find a local market, 2 or 3 malls, beach road, clubs, massage parlors, scooter rentals, and the famous Pattaya walking street.

South Pattaya, Pattaya Holidays
South Pattaya Holidays

Thai massage is a must when you visit Thailand. I tried the leg massage which lasted for an hour and it actually took all my weariness away.

Signature Pattaya

Signature Pattaya Hotel, Pattaya, Thailand
Signature Pattaya Hotel

It is a 4-star hotel which provides good room space, good food, and a small swimming pool.

You can see a big “Pattaya” written on the rocks out of the window if your room is on the right side of the hotel. It is really economical and in a good location. You can read more about it here.

There are many luxury hotels here which offer both sea view or cliff view rooms but are little far from south Pattaya.


Pattaya Sightseeing / Places to visit in Pattaya

1)Coral Island or Koh Larn

Koh Larn is also known as the Coral Islands. This island is nearby Pattaya city and is full of white sand and clear water beaches. This is the place where you can enjoy all water sports. You must take this trip, it is absolute fun.

– You will have to pay for all the activities.- Please carry extra clothes because you will not get any suit for the activities.

– You can enjoy parasailing, underwater walk and water scooters here.

Parasailing, Coral Island, Pattaya
Parasailing, Coral Island(Koh Larn), Pattaya Holidays


You board the speedboat at the coast of South Pattaya Beach.

First stop will be for parasailing. Parasailing is approx for 1600 Rs pp. At this stop, you will also find a couple of shops for beach clothes and accessories.

After that you go for an underwater walk, it is approx 2000 Rs pp. If you want to get images you can get some 20 pics for 1600 Rs. That’s expensive but there is a trick to get pics for less ;p. You can go in a group for a walk and split the amount for photographs, like if 4 people go then you pay only 400 Rs for 5 pics.

Just make sure to go with people you are comfortable with, otherwise, it will be difficult for you to enjoy.

Coral Island, Pattaya
Coral Island

Underwater Walk Experience

You will be given a round oxygen cap. You will have to stand on the stairs of the boat and your instructor will pull you down to the ground, approx 20-25 m deep.

That moment is terrifying because all of a sudden somebody pulls you underwater and for a split second it is difficult to breathe. You cannot look up or down, you have to look straight otherwise the water can enter the cap.

I went in a group of 3. The moment I entered the water, I wanted to leave but then my instructor told me, using sign language, to look into his eyes and relax. In those seconds, I was able to relax and didn’t release that we reached the ground.

Seating, Coral Island, Pattaya
Seating, Koh Larn (Coral Island), Things to do during your Pattaya Holidays

After touching the ground, we were advised to hold hands to maintain the grasp.

We stayed there for 20 minutes and had a great time. We saw different fishes, like jellyfishes, passing by us.

It was a wonderful experience but you should have good control of your mind, claustrophobic people or people with any kind of breathing problems should avoid it.

Coral Island, Pattaya
Coral Island

After this, you will be dropped to the beach where you can rest on chairs while sipping yummy coconut water. You can also enjoy swimming and scooter ride on the water.

There are many stalls where you can find souvenirs, clothes, slippers, drinks, and food. You will be dropped back at around 5 pm.

Apart from Koh Larn, Jomtien beach is famous for its happening environment. You can enjoy a lot of things including diving and windsurfing here. There are many shops, cafes, and restaurants to have a great time. Make sure you take out some time to let loose here.



2) Alcazar show

You will find a bevy of beauties performing a cabaret show here, you will not be able to take your eyes off them. You will get to watch dance performances on Thai music here. The show starts with a sought of adult comedy sequence followed by dance numbers. There are daily 4 shows for 70 minutes each.

Alcazar Show, Pattaya Holidays
Alcazar Show, Tourist Attractions

It will be a good opportunity for you to learn about Thai culture. After the show, they all stand outside for pictures. If you like to get some clicked with them or click there pictures then you need to pay them 50 Tbh or 100 Tbh. One more thing, all the beauty that you will admire is of LADYBOYS not women. So boys don’t get your hopes too high. All the attractive lady looking people are ladyboys and you will find them in all of Thailand.

3) Walking street

Walking street, South Pattaya, Thailand
Walking Street, South Pattaya, Thailand

It is the Red district of Amsterdam and Rue Saint-Denis of Paris. you will find are a lot of bars, go-go, and restaurants here. Also, currency exchange, medical store and seven eleven. The party actually starts around 10 pm, no time sooner. Do not listen to strangers or agree to follow them for various needs. Just go there in a group, stay alert and enjoy yourself, don’t depend on anyone for anything.


4. Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

This is a top tourist attraction and one of the most beautiful botanical gardens that you will ever see in your life. It is huge, full of attractions, restaurants and so much more. It is not possible to cover the entire garden on foot, having said that, there are many accommodation options as well. It is definitely a day trip at least thanks to more than 10 types of gardens, many animal kingdoms, and so many attractions. It is a heaven for children and for those who love nature. Find the entrance fee and show timings here.

More places to visit in Pattaya

Underwater world

It seems like the underwater world of Sentosa in Singapore.

Underwater world, Pattaya, Thailand


Mimosa, Pattaya, Thailand
Mimosa, Pattaya

It is considered to be one of the world’s top 10 romantic cities and is open from 10 am to 10 pm. There are multiple things like a shopping area, a fountain show, and a cabaret. Many people visit this place for pre-wedding shoots as well.

 Ripley’s believe it or not

This is a US originated hall where all the strange and unique things are displayed. There are many more fun things to do here including 12D show, Louis Tussaud’s waxworks etc.


Teddy Bear Museum, Pattaya

Teddy Bear Museum, Pattaya, Thailand
 Pattaya- Teddy bear museum

Cartoon network amazon water park

This is the world’s only CN themed park. Seems kids have a lot of business to do here.

Cartoon network, Waterpark, Pattaya, Thailand
Cartoon Network Waterpark, Pattaya

Above are the best things to do in Pattaya, keep reading to know about shopping in Pattaya.  


Shopping in Pattaya!!

Central Festival Pattaya

It is the main mall of the city although there are a bunch of others as well. This is the fashion hub. It has many brands like Zara, CK, Armani Exchange, etc along with many restaurants and cafes.


Central Festival Pattaya mall, Pattaya, Thailand
Central Festival Pattaya, Pattaya

The food outlets are open late till 02:00 am but other shops close around 23:00 or 23:30.
This place is in South Pattaya opposite beach road. So you get a beautiful view as well.

Pattaya Floating Market

Although we expect to shop while boating but most of the shopping cannot be done like this and moreover the water is not that clean. If you are a vegetarian then it is going to be difficult for you to roam in some sections of the market due to the odor of seafood and other non-vegetarian food like cockroaches. You get similar stuff here which is available in local markets.


Floating market, Pattaya, Thailand
Floating Market, places to visit in Pattaya

You will find a street market in South Pattaya, near the mall and beach.

Apart from all this amazing experience, you can enjoy walking on the streets and riding on the tuk-tuks, just like Salman Khan did. Check out here the action sequence he shot in Pattaya.

Indian Restaurants

Ali Baba restaurant

Alibaba restaurant, Pattaya, Thailand
Alibaba Indian Restaurant
Alibaba Indian Restaurant, Pattaya, Thailand
Thali, Alibaba Indian Restaurant

It is famous for Indian food in Pattaya. It is really close to the beach road. You get a thali here which is enough for 2 people. Apart from this, you will easily find non-vegetarian food everywhere.


Safety in Pattaya

Are you afraid that your Pattaya holidays will be ruined buy don’t you worry, Pattaya is absolutely safe, there is only one street (walking street) that has adult stuff, in case you don’t want exposure to that area.
You will notice some girls being dropped to the hotels on scooters but they just stick to their respective business and do not interfere.

Visit walking street in a group, don’t depend on any stranger. 
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Best things to do in Pattaya , Thailand holidays
Best things to do in Pattaya, Thailand holidays

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