++ Comfortable seats on the international/ domestic carriage and good leg space, footrest available.
++  Average entertainment system (only on international flights).
++ Seat pockets, pillows, and a blanket
++ Food quality was okay.

INDIAN AIRWAYS(International & Domestic)

Indian airlines international flight - airlines review Indian airlines domestic flight - airlines review

As you can notice in the above 2 pictures – this is the difference between International and Domestic flight.

++ Footrest

++ Seat pockets

++ Entertainment system

++ Comfortable seats 
++ Slow service
++ Pillows and blankets
You will get all the above-mentioned things on an international flight but never on a domestic flight, apart from the slow service.

SINGAPORE AIRLINES (international flight)
++ Good leg space, footrest available, comfortable seats.
++ Good entertainment system.
++ Food quality was good.
++ Seat pockets, pillow, and a blanket
EMIRATES AIRLINES(international)
++ Great leg space, footrest available, comfortable seats.
++ You can enjoy different views of the area under plane or ahead or behind the plane as there are cameras installed.

++ Great entertainment system, so far the best I have experienced.

++ Food and wines are also very good. Better than all the other airlines that I have tried.

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