Best 360 degree Europe YouTube video tours for virtual tours

This is one time when most of us are craving for holidays. Though international travel seems a little far fetched for near future but what if we could steal some precious moments from those trips from the comfort of our houses?

We have listed here some high-quality, 4k, 360-degrees videos of top destinations from Europe. You can take city tours covering major attractions from Paris, London, Scotland, Switzerland, and more.

The best part of these videos are that you can watch in all directions while the video is playing. LivetoTravel can’t wait to produce such amazing videos of our next trip. The following videos would be a perfect inspiration as well as an eye-candy for all of us!

Paris – France

Two of the best videos of all to check out Paris and it’s amazing attractions.

Enjoy the glittering view of Eiffel Tower and Mona Lisa at the Louvre museum. Feel the beauty of Versailles Palace and breeze of Serene cruise. Though Notre Dame Cathedral is under renovation now but thanks to this video, you can watch and feel the divinity. Dive in to enjoy many more amazing sights of Paris.

Paris City tour

It is difficult to miss the tour of the famous Eiffel Tower when we discuss Paris city. Enjoy a detailed visit to the Eiffel tower. Check out the city view from the 2nd and the top floor.

Eiffel Tower Tour

Get more tips to make most of your future trip to Paris. Know what to see, eat, and shop. Find the best ways to save money on Paris attractions and if you would like to but a Paris pass or not…

London – United Kingdom

Go through the mesmerizing views of the city of London. Visit virtually the Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and many more views which attract millions of travelers from all over the world to London.

London City Tour

Check out best places to have breakfast in London, whether Oyster card is better than Travel card, and all about Harry Potter studios.

Edinburgh – Scotland

This is the magical city of Harry Potter. J.K.Rowling wrote many chapters of Harry Potter in this city. Make a virtual trip to the castle, the Princess street, and many other attractions of the city. We have covered various attractions in 3 different videos but Edinburgh offers so much more to explore.

Edinburgh City Tour
Arthur’s Seat tour
Victoria Street Tour

This is one of our favorite cities in Europe. Can’t wait to visit it again. Check the best attractions in Edinburgh and tips are imperative.

Prague – Czech Republic

Here is a detailed tour of Prague. Enjoy the beautiful attractions and sights like Charles bridge, Strahov monastery, Prague castle, and Cathedrals.

Prague City Tour


Start this tour with a train ride between Monteux and Zweisimmen. Praise the famous scenic Swiss beauty. Pass through various areas and attraction of the country.

Switzerland City Tour

Rome – Italy

This is a relaxed guided tour of Rome showing all the major sights of the city like Trevi fountain and Colosseum.

Rome City Tour

This world is beautiful and this crisis will pass soon. The days are near when we all will be on our respective holidays laughing on our lockdown days. Keep planning and keep dreaming!

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