World Environment day 2020

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” 
Mahatma Gandhi

1972: UN Environment was created and 5th June was chosen as World Environment Day.

1974: The first World Environment Day was celebrated with “Only One Earth” slogan. Since then this celebration & appreciation of mother Earth has only grown and now is being celebrated across 100 countries.

This #EnvironmentDay, the theme by The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) is ‘Time for Nature’ and ‘biodiversity’, a concern that is both urgent and existential, with agendas like sustainable future to support life on Earth. The host of World Environment Day 2020 is Colombia in partnership with Germany. Know more. Like every year UNEP is encouraging participation from all over the world through registration of various events that people are organizing to help nature and increase awareness.

Use #ForNature and register your sustainability initiative, a kitchen garden, an online lesson on biodiversity, a neighbourhood donation drive, an online sermon on the wonders of nature, or a different idea to be featured on the global map.

Various brands and companies all across the globe have come up with indoor or online activities to promote care for environment, in the form of environment day challenges. Like Apple has come up with #applewatch challenge where the company is encouraging users to get up and get active throughout their day.

To celebrate, Apple is encouraging Apple Watch wearers to close their Stand Ring by getting up and moving around for at least one minute per hour for twelve hours on June 5. You can preview the award in the Activity app on your iPhone

World Environment Day sees the official launch of Race to Zero, the global campaign for a Healthy, Resilient, Zero Carbon recovery, which creates jobs, unlocks inclusive, sustainable growth and reduces the risk of future shocks. know more

LivetoTravel is attracting the hidden photographers in everyone by encouraging them to click pictures of their vicinity to increase appreciation and care towards nature.

The usual tradition of planting saplings may not be celebrated much this year but we certainly have many events listed above to celebrate the very reasons that makes life possible.

You can find amazing quotes, images, and slogans for Environment day activities here.

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