Guide for the First-Time Travellers from T3 New Delhi Airport

Indira Gandhi International Airport

Guide for International and Domestic Departures/Arrivals from T3 (Delhi Airport)

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Indra Gandhi International Airport - T3, New Delhi Airport
Are you a first-time traveler from the T3 Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi?
Find latest updates on health related safety measure being taken by Delhi Airport for domestic flights departing from 25th May ’20.

Is this your first-time flight journey? Do you have a flight to New Delhi? then, you have come to the right page…

Read this “First Time Flying Guide” and be a pro!

Note: If you are looking to track Indira Gandhi International Departures or arrivals(flight status) then scroll to the last section of this article (Track Departures/Arrivals… Just click on the option given in the index above). 

This is a New Delhi Airport Information Guide, from entering the airport until you board the plane at T3 Airport – one of the best in the world. Check out the latest standards being followed by the airport authorities in view of COVID-19.

Travel updates on COVID-19

As per the govt. mandate, domestic scheduled flight operations will resume in a graded manner from 25th May 2020. 

List of cities to which flights will start:



Port Blair


Flight durations & fare ranges

40-60 minutes
60-90 minutes
90-120 minutes
120-150 minutes
150-180 minutes
180-210 minutes

Rs 2000 and Rs 6000
Rs 2,500 and Rs 7,500
Rs 3,000 and Rs 9,000
Rs 3,500 and Rs 10,000
Rs 4500 and Rs 13000
Rs 5500 and Rs 15700
Rs 6500 and Rs 18600

New/additional procedures & guidelines for domestic flights


The following procedures will be followed along with some regular procedures.

– Reporting time is 2 hours prior to departure.
– Mask and gloves are mandatory.
– Registration with ‘Aarogya Setu’ app is mandatory. People with red status cannot travel.
– Thermal screening before entering terminal and bag sanitization.
– Only web check-in allowed. Go to the airline’s website to check-in online, enter your details and get the softcopy of your boarding pass.
– Only 1 check-in bag allowed. Please avoid using trolleys.
– Sanitizers will be available at various locations.
– Social distancing markings will be available everywhere.
– No queuing for toilets.
– No meals will be served on board.


– Deplaning in batches.
– Social distancing markings will be available everywhere (gates/ladders/coaches/ramps).
– Baggage sanitization before putting it on conveyor belts. Use of trolleys should be discouraged.
– Sufficient staff for guidance everywhere.
– Car parking would be monitored strictly.

Regular procedures

 You can also enjoy watching the entire boarding process on T3 Airport followed in pre-COVID era. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel

Get down at the right gate

Both, Domestic and International flights take off from T3. If you are traveling domestical then get down at the initial gates and if, traveling international then get down after the half stretch.

This is suggested because the check-in counters are located according to the said arrangement (first domestic and then international), not necessarily but mostly. There are boards specifying the “domestic” and “International” outside the airport.

It is a small thing but if you don’t pay attention to this then you will have to walk quite a while. Also, the last gate is reserved for staff entry, you will not be able to use it. 

Keep your documents ready

Whether you have a flight to New Delhi or from New Delhi, always keep your documents ready.

Once you are at the entrance gate of the airport, keep your passport and air tickets ready. It is okay to carry a soft copy of your air tickets on your mobile.

Find Check-in counter row for your flight on the display

Upon entering, you will find a set of displays for information on different flights. The counters are open 3 hours prior to the departure for international flights and 2 hours prior, for the domestic flights.

Each check-in counter row is defined by a letter. Look at the flight number specified in your ticket and search for that number on the display.

There will be 7 columns on it, which will provide the following information:

a. STD – Scheduled Time of Departure
b. ETD – Expected Time of Departure
c. TO/VIA – Your destination city (if it is a via flight then look for the 1st stop)
d. AIRLINES – The airways with which you are flying
e. FLIGHT – Your flight number
f. STATUS – Check-in (open/ closed/ boarding/ delayed/departed)
g. ROW – Specifies the counter row

Make sure you complete web check-in in time, this will help you in avoiding long queues at the check-in counter.
You get the privilege to choose your seats and the meal. You will also find kiosks near the counters to do the self-check-in, in case you do that then you can queue in the baggage drop line(comparatively shorter).
The web check-in starts 48 hours prior to the flight departure and closes approx 5 hours prior to the departure.

Indra Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi Airport T3
Self-check-in, New Delhi Airport T3

Check-in and Baggage drop

If you have checked-in online

bag drop queue - Indra Gandhi International Airport - New Delhi Airport T3
bag drop queue – Economy class, IGI Airport Delhi – T3

Go straight towards the check-in row, look for “Baggage Drop” or a board that says “Queues for online check-in”.

Such counters are usually at the beginning or at the end of the row. These queues are short and the process is quick as half of the work is already completed by you.

If you have NOT checked-in online

Go to the row and stand in a decent queue. Wait for your turn and get your boarding passes.

You can request your desired seats, most of the times you get it (subject to availability). Some airlines charge for seats with extra leg space like for seats near the emergency exit.

Note: Check-in counters close 60 minutes prior to the flight departure from T3 whereas at domestic terminals (T2 or T1),  45 minutes prior to the departure.

Baggage size

Each airline has a specified baggage limit per passenger. If you think you have extra luggage then you can weigh your luggage at any empty check-in counter before proceeding to collect your boarding passes.

In case you can’t exclude extra luggage then you have an option to pay for every extra kilogram. The price is different for each airline.

Keep track of the size of your hand luggage, it should not be huge. Large bags are not allowed in the cabin. You can cross check the dimensions on your Airlines’ site.

Prohibited items

Prohibited Items at IGI
Prohibited Items at IGI

There are restrictions on the items you carry inside your hand luggage and check-in luggage.

Inside the hand luggage

Bottles of 100 ml liquid/cream are allowed, not more than that. Even half-empty bottles of 125 ml will not be allowed. The bottle size should only be for 100 ml liquid. Sharp things and dairy products are not allowed.

You can carry sharp things and liquids inside your check-in luggage. Nail paints, batteries or power banks are only allowed inside your hand luggage and not in your check-in baggage.

I remember buying amazing nail paints from Shanghai, I packed all of it in my check-in baggage. Later, while checking in at the airport, my bags were opened and all of them were thrown. 🙁 The security officials don’t allow people to carry such things, upon request, I was allowed to carry only 2 bottles/person in my hand luggage. 

Proceed towards the Immigration (only international traveler) or the security check(domestic traveler)

After collecting your boarding passes proceed towards the domestic departures or the international departures section.

(a) International departures (Domestic travelers can skip this section and continue from security check):

Join the appropriate Queue for immigration

Move to the Immigration counters. There is no need to fill any form these days, earlier it was a compulsion.
Immigration takes the maximum time, out of the entire process but if you are 3 hours early(before departure) to the airport then chances are there will be short queues.

There are many immigration counters and these are divided into the following categories:
First class,
Business class,
Foreign passports, and
Indian Passports

Immigration queue - Indra Gandhi International Airport - New Delhi Airport T3
Immigration queue – Economy class, Indira Gandhi International Airport

Choose your suitable category and join the queue. It is always wise to stand in the correct category queue. You will not be attended if you are standing in the wrong queue.

You will need your passport and your boarding pass at the counter. The officers might ask you general questions about your trip but nothing tough. Members of a family can stand together at the counter but that will not speed up the process. It is better to go one by one.

The officer stamps your passport and clicks your picture, that’s all and you are good to proceed further for the Security check.

Security Check

Security check - Indra Gandhi International Airport - New Delhi Airport T3
Security check – IGI Airport Photos – First Time Flying Guide

A security check is where you and your hand luggage is scanned. No water bottles will be allowed beyond this point. Show your boarding pass to the officer, join the queue.

Put your jacket, belt, phone, watch, bags and laptop in the blue baskets. Feel free to distribute the stuff in 3 – 4 baskets, if required.

After leaving your luggage on the belt, move towards the body scan section. Get your boarding pass stamped, collect your luggage and proceed towards duty-free shopping.

Note: The process for boarding shared so far remains almost the same in every country.  

Duty-Free shopping!

You will find a lot of liquor, chocolates, perfumes, and cosmetics here. I always buy some Lindt and Werther’s chewy toffees from the airport, if I am not traveling to Europe(because In Europe, these chocolates are cheaper).

There are brands like MANGO, Victoria’s Secret, Gucci, and similar luxury brands to fulfill your shopping needs. You will also find a medicine shop, a gadget shop, a bookshop, and shops to buy Indian souvenirs.

Make sure that you reach the departure gate in time, do not forget to keep track of time while checking out duty-free shops. If the boarding has started at 10:00 pm then make a point to reach the gate before 10:15 pm.   

New Delhi Airport Information Guide
New Delhi Airport Information Guide

There are foot joints like Cafe Delhi Heights, Costa Coffee, Haagen Dazs ice cream station, Sports Bar, Starbucks, Dominos, and many more to take care of your hunger. Indian food giant- Haldirams has a small takeaway outlet near the gates for you to grab some snacks.  

Some cafes are on the first floor and some are on the ground floor. Now there is a SPA facility also available on the first floor, isn’t it amazing? 

If you are flying domestically then you cannot buy things from the duty-free area. Though some shops allow purchases over a minimum amount like Victoria Secret – you can buy things if you spend at least 80 USD.
Once you are done shopping, move towards your departure gate.

In case your flight is to New Delhi and you have a long halt at T3 then you need not worry much as you will find snooze rooms here where you can sleep for the halt duration and reach your destination feeling fresh. Trust me this is a blessing, not many airports have these.  

Snooze room at T3 Delhi airport - Indira Gandhi International
Snooze room at T3 New Delhi airport – Indira Gandhi International Airport

Find your gate and proceed towards it in time

The first gate that you see will be after the Starbucks outlet – Gate no. 15. On one side of the gate, numbers increase(16 to 30 & so on) and on the other side of the gate number starts from 1(1 to 14).

If you think that Gate no. 14 is nearby then no, it is not. This has happened to me and I had to run to catch my flight, haha. You will have to walk till the end to reach gate no.14. The gates are far from each other, so keep track of time.

There are wheelchairs and carts to drive the elderly or the specially abled people, till the gates. Toilets are near all the gates and vending machines as well. There are a few shops near the gates like – a small Haldiram counter for taking away snacks.

If you have a lot of time or a halt at the T3 then you can take rest in the sleep cells for a decent price or lay down for free at the long bed type seats (I really don’t know what are these called, let me know in the comments, if you know. :).

I remember I had a long halt at the Abu Dhabi airport, I couldn’t find any such seat. So, I slept on the floor in one corner. That day I truly felt like a traveler. haha!

The boarding time starts 45 mins prior to the departure and remains open for 25 mins approx.

 You can now watch the entire boarding process from Indira Gandhi International Airport, T3 on my YouTube Channel after reading the details here.

Now you might be a First-Time Travellers from Delhi T3 Airport but you will definitely not feel like one! Want to know how your flight looks from inside and what facilities it offers?


1. Get down at the domestic/international board, according to your flight.
2. Show your passport and air ticket at the entrance of the T3 airport.
3. Check the row of check-in counter and other flight-related information from the displays.
4. Collect your boarding pass and drop your luggage. (skip point 5 if you have a domestic flight)
5. Move towards immigration.
6. Clear Security check.
7. Shop and eat your way through Duty-free.
8. Move towards the departure gate (keep track of time)


Make sure that you reach the gate in time, do not forget to keep track of time while checking out duty-free shops. If the boarding has started at 10:00 pm then make a point to reach the gate before 10:15 pm. 

More useful Information

There are 3 terminals in New Delhi to take care of all the international and domestic departures which are as follows:

Terminal 1(T1): T1 takes care of the low-cost carriers(LCC), it is divided into two parts; terminal 1C and terminal 1D.

  •    Terminal 1C: Used for domestic arrivals 
  •    Terminal 1D: Use for domestic departures

So, we can say that T1 is Delhi’s domestic airport but currently, it is closed for renovation. 

Terminal 2(T2): T2 is currently responsible for all the domestic flights that were supposed to take off from T1.

Terminal 3 (T3): T3 operates all the international flights and some domestic flights, but no LCCs.

  • Indira Gandhi International(IGI) Airport address: New Delhi, Delhi 110037
  • Indira Gandhi International Airport map: Click here
  • Indira Gandhi International Airport Google map: Find here
  • Indira Gandhi International Airport enquiry number:
Airport call center +91 124 3376000

Update: Soon the terminals will be interconnected. Terminal 3 is planned to handle all the domestic flights and international flights will be shifted to newly built terminals(4,5, & 6).

Indira Gandhi International Airport Departures, T3 New Delhi Flight Status



Indira Gandhi International Airport Arrivals at T3, New Delhi Flight Status


e-Visa facility for foreigners

People arriving in India can avail the e-visa facility. All you have to do is fill the form and upload the documents online here. You can also find out if your country is eligible for an on-arrival visa in India or not.
The fee structure has four slabs, zero, USD25, USD80, USD100. It is based on reciprocity, the on-arrival visa can be availed from any of the 28 airports and 5 seaports (mentioned here). 

Read more about my experiences of exotic Asian and amazing Europe destinations…

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Indira Gandhi International Airport - Delhi Airport
T3 -Indra Gandhi International Airport Delhi, India, first-time traveller from Delhi T3 airport, New Delhi Airport Information Guide

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