Is Paris Pass worth it? Paris Tour Guide – Part III

Heya All, this is the third part of the “Paris Tour Guide Series” (If you have missed the first two parts then quickly take a look at it here) on if it is “worth buying a Paris Pass or not ?” After a lot of research, I have some figures for you and I am sure it will help you in making this decision.


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Buying a Paris Pass or not, needs thought as it is quite expensive starting from 131 Euros for 2 days to 244 euros for 6 days for an adult. Take a look at the prices below – taken from the official website.

Paris Pass Price

In this article, I have worked out a price list for the top(paid) attractions that I visited during my trip. See how much I saved or lost by not buying the Paris Pass. Find out below…

 NOTE: All the prices are up-to-date and can be checked on the official websites of the attraction.

Let’s begin, I have included all the attractions in my calculations that I discussed in my previous two posts on Paris Attractions under Paris Tour Guide Series. The below table mentions prices for an adult.




Eiffel Tower

16 Euros – by lift to the 2nd floor

25 Euros – by lift to the top

– It can be lesser depending on your ticket type and age.

– Check my post on Paris Attractions for more useful details or the official site for prices.


Louvre Museum

17 Euros – For entrance

12 Euros – For guided Tour (Welcome to the Louvre)

– If you book the tickets online and reach the venue on time then you don’t have to stand in a queue, just directly move towards the entrance. Tour Tickets can be purchased only at the Museum. 

– Check my post for more useful details or the official site for prices.

Only Entry Tickets Included


78 Euros or 105 Euros for a day and both parks 

– Mostly the price is 78 Euros but on some days like the weekend, it is 105 Euros. Plan your trip carefully.

– Check my post for more useful details or the official site for prices.


River Seine Cruise 

15 Euros for a 1-hour ride

There are many companies who offer similar services under similar prices. 

 – Check my post for more useful details or the official site for prices.


Versailles Palace

20 Euros for Entry to the Palace

27 Euros Entry + Musical Fountain

Ticket price varies depending on your age, your entry might be free. Check the eligibility.

Only entry fee is included (no musical fountain)

– A separate ticket for the musical show costs 9.5 Euros


9 Euros – Entry fee

– Your entry can be free, check the eligibility here. 


Notre Dame

Free entry to the cathedral

10 Euros to climb the top of the tower

– Check my post for more useful details or the official site.


Arc De Triomphe

12 Euros – Entry to the top

Check the eligibility for free entry here

– Read my post for more useful details


Hop-on and Hop-off bus(1day tour)

34.20 Euros for 1 day unlimited access. It covers 2 routes. 

– You will get a reward booklet that will entitle you to discounts on top attractions. Check the details here.  

TOTAL 239.52 Euros (included 78 Euros for Disneyland and 25 Euros for Eiffel Tower) 287.5 Euros (for all the things + travelcard for central Paris)

(165 Euros for 3 days pass + 124.5 Euros for “not included” things)

Attractions in Paris offer free entry to certain people and you can be the one, do check the official sites to see if you can save some Euros. If you are not eligible for free entry then also there are chances that you will enjoy reduced prices. People who are 24 years old or younger are the lucky ones as they fall under the above-mentioned category, so in almost all the attractions you will save a few Euros like you will have to pay only 8 Euros instead of 16 Euros Eiffel Tower ticket.    

My final thoughts

Paris Pass is a good option but only if you want to visit all the attractions included in the pass. Only then you will be able to save money otherwise, you will end up spending more. This pass has so many attractions included, just go through this list once to see if you are interested in all those or not.


Your choice of attractions might vary from the above list but eventually, I feel, you will save if you buy tickets separately, instead of buying a Paris Pass.

In the above-mentioned calculations, it is not necessary that you will buy only these tickets or you will buy it all, it can be less or more. So, the best bet is to plan your itinerary first and then buy tickets online. Be sure with the time, there are chances that you will overbook and will have less time to cover all the booked attractions because you will also want to spend time shopping, enjoying some time on Pont Des Arts (the love-lock bridge) or in beautiful gardens. 

Cover all the nearby attractions on the same day, so you don’t waste money and time traveling.

You can read all about the Paris Pass here and make your choice. If you find a good reason to buy it then do leave a comment, I would love to know it for my next trip 🙂

If you have doubts or you want help in planning your itinerary then feel free to drop me a mail. I will be more than happy to help you.

Paris Tour Guide Series – Part I and Paris Attractions – Part II will definitely help you find some more good tips. Make sure to take benefit from my experiences. Like I always say, Experience is the best teacher…

Next Part of this series is out and I am sure you are going to love it, Shopping in Paris will take your shopping experience to the next level. 

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  1. Uou. Great information you give here.
    We went to Paris a few years ago and we didn’t buy the Paris Pass. Now we are planning to return and, doing the math to see if it’s better to buy or not and, you give here some great help, thanks

  2. My friend did this last year and said the same thing. Trying to save money and doing it on your own, you’ll end up spending more. Everything you said in this blog is on point!

  3. Anything that has to do with Paris I’m in! I’ve never visited but it’s on my travel bucket list my #1 option actually and the info you just have gets me even more excited.thank you!

  4. Catherine Santiago Jose

    What a great information and it will serve as a great help to those who are making a plan in going to Paris.

  5. Wow Paris! I would love to visit the Eiffel Tower and the love lock. Need to save money for the meantime. Thank you for this sharing.

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