Things to do in Krabi – Holiday Destination Ideas!

Krabi Island is among the best places to visit in Asia and when I asked a traveler “how do you feel about Krabi?”, he said, “there are so many reasons why we love Krabi, where should I start from?”

Things to do in Krabi Island, Thailand

Krabi town in southern Thailand is for those people who just want to relax, enjoy time at the beach and eat some good food. I had a wonderful time here, it is beautiful and peaceful. I feel 3 days are sufficient for the visit because Krabi has only 2 markets and a few attractions, rest it all depends on what you want from your trip.

Prepare your documents for Thai Visa- First things first. Also, find if your country is eligible for an on-arrival visa.


Where is Krabi Island on Thailand Map

This is the Thailand Map, it is a Southeast Asian country. Bangkok is the capital of this country. 

This is Krabi island on Thailand Map, it is on the west coast of the country. 

Krabi Island Weather and time

There are only two types of seasons in Krabi island; Dry and Rainy. It is hot all around the year. The tourist season is the dry season, from November to April. Book your tickets early to get cheap flights and accommodation under good rates.

You will get cheap flights in the rainy season but there are good chances that you will end up spending your time in the hotel.

Thailand is GMT+7 (like it is 1 hour 30 minutes ahead of India(GMT+5:30))


Where to stay in Krabi Town

Sunset at Ao Nang Beach
Sunset at Ao Nang Beach, Thailand

You have two choices:

First is Ao Nang, this area is full of all the thing you will need during your vacation. You will find the following things to do in Krabi, Ao Nang:

  •  A beach,
  •  A variety of hotels,
  •  Tourist information centers,
  •  Walking street market,
  •  Restaurants,
  •  Massage parlors, an
  •  Money exchange

Second is my Favourite, Railay Beach! This is the one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand, especially Phra Nang Caves. 

Railay Beach is only 10 mins away by long tail boat from Ao nang and only accessible by boat. This island has all the things that you might need for your holidays.

The only negative point of staying here is that you will have to put extra efforts to go to attractions like Emerald pool.

Map of Krabi, Thailand
Map, Thailand


Hotels in Krabi

 I stayed at ‘The Small hotel once and I found it better than advertised. Most importantly, the restaurant was great. There is only one restaurant in the hotel. They managed to fulfill all my food requirements.

The Small Hotel, Krabi, Thailand
The Small Hotel, Krabi, Thailand

I had veg pasta, veg pad thai noodles, veg Thai curry, and all the items were superb! The staff was very friendly, the room was pretty and spacious, so was the restroom. The hotel is on the main road near the Ao Nang beach, Ao Nang market, and many restaurants. The location is really good.

Holiday Inn resort was nearby the above hotel and seemed wonderful. Loved its ambiance. Would love to try it next time.

Map of Krabi, Thailand
Map, Thailand

If you are staying at Railay then stay at Bhu Nga Thani and make your holidays better. This is where I stay when I am in Krabi! Check out this hotel in detail through the following video.


 Beaches to visit in Krabi Town

This island is full of beautiful beaches, all are white sand beaches. 4 island tour is a perfect tour to visit many of those beautiful beaches.

The Chicken Island, 4 island Tour, Krabi, Thailand
The Chicken Island, 4 Island Tour

4 islands tour            

      This tour will cover 4 islands, some tour guides also take tourists to Railay beach apart from the 4 islands. Transfers are made by a speedboat to 4 different beaches, all are beautiful and you get to do SNORKELING. You will get free drinks on the boat. Apart from the speedboat, there are Long tail boats that can be used but it is slow as compared to the speedboat.

The 4 islands are:


Phra Nang Island, 4 island Tour
Phra Nang Island
TUP ISLAND, 4 island tour
Chicken ISLAND, 4 island tour
Chicken ISLAND
Stop Poda ISLAND, 4 island tour
Stop Poda ISLAND

Every island has something different to offer. Snorkeling is possible on almost all the islands.

At Tup Island, you will get to practice snorkeling as the depth is not that much, then near Chicken Island, you get a chance to snorkel properly and enjoy ocean life. You will also be able to see Nemo(the fish)! Exciting isn’t it. Chicken Island is named so due to the Chickenhead shaped mountain. Look at the picture again. 

Stop Poda Island will be your last stop where you will get your lunch. There are rocks in the water, while you walk or snorkel just stay away from it as these are really sharp. I got many cuts.  

This tour will be over by 4 pm then you have the half day left for the market or a message.  Find out more about the tour here 




 Railay Beach

Railay Beach Map, Krabi

Railay is divided into 3 parts: Railay West, Railay East, and Phra Nang Caves. This island is full of hotels on both east and west side. West side also has many restaurants nearby the beach.

Phra Nang is the most beautiful out of all, the only hotel facing this beach is Rawaydee which is quite expensive. If you have looked at the above listed video of Bhu Nga Thani Hotel then the island which you saw in the beginning is para Nang Caves.

No matter where you stay on this island, you will give yourself a treat of nature.

Saniya Puri, Railay Beach, KRABI, THAILAND
Phra Nang Caves, Railay Beach

  If you love beaches then you MUST visit this place, and if you are only in Krabi because of beaches then there are many resorts on this beach. Go ahead and book the one you like because you can’t find a better beach here. This is one of the most beautiful beaches, it has caves, activities like rock climbing, and so much more…


Me having fun at Railay Beach
 Phra Nang Caves, Railay Beach

 Phi-Phi Island Tour

This is the best island and a must visit when you are in Phuket or Krabi. Phi-Phi Island has such power of natural beauty that it can make you feel surreal. It is a highly recommended trip, read my complete experience and recommendations here.

Top Things to do in Krabi besides beaches

 Hot spring bath

Map of Krabi, THAILAND
Map of Krabi, THAILAND

Nature’s way of relaxing your body. It is a Hot Spring near Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve. There are stone cups filled with hot water from the waterfalls. You can sit inside the so-called Jacuzzis and let your hair down. Since the demand is so high there are also man-made tubs in addition to the natural ones.         

I have read that whoever takes a bath in that water, gets rid of all the skin diseases. I couldn`t try it unfortunately but you definitely should…You can book your tickets here. Charges are around 900 Baht/ person if you buy the package from here.

There is a Crystal/Emerald Pool near the Hot Springs which is really beautiful and worth visiting. A complete day can be spent in this area as there are many such pools and waterfalls which should not be missed.

This tour is already on my to-do list for my next visit to Krabi.


Watch Kick Boxing!

Kick Boxing or Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand. It is one of the oldest known forms of kickboxing and is considered to be really deadly. Ao Nang Krabi Stadium puts up a show every Friday night at 9 pm and on Monday nights as well only during peak season. The ticket is approx 1200 Bhat(Arena) – 1500 Baht(Ringside). There are “Super Fights” 3-4 times a year between national champions, you must look out for these if you are a fan. Know more about the schedule or buy tickets here

Kickboxing, Krabi Island, Places to visit in Krabi
Kickboxing, Places to visit in Krabi

 There is good news for people who want to learn kickboxing, you all can join one-month long training by a professional fighter. You can sign up for it after trying one session. Know more

 Watch the sunset at Ao Nang beach

It is beautiful, just grab a seat in front of the Ao Nang Walking street and enjoy the view.

Sunset at Ao Nang beach, Krabi, THAILAND
Sunset at Ao Nang beach

Above was the list of Best Things to do in Krabi Town, Read the next section to read about Shopping in Krabi.

 Get a Thai Massage

Choose any spa or massage center you like and let yourself relax…


Krabi Town Shopping

– Weekend market/Krabi Night Market 

It is approx 30 mins from Ao Nang, almost every hotel gives the facility of pick up n drop to that market @ 200 baht/person.

It is organized every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The market has all kind of stalls, food, plants, souvenirs, clothes, and accessories. There are more shops n complexes nearby.

Swensen’s is also there, yum! The chewy chocolate flavour is yum from Swensen`s.


Even if somebody didn’t know about the market, one would get to know definitely as they advertise about the market on loudspeakers. As it is one of the major attraction of the island.

– Ao Nang walking street

It is 10 minutes walking from the small hotel, has my fav ice cream parlour – Movenpick, McD, Watson, and a few souvenir shops.

Movenpick ice cream parlour, Ao Nang, Phuket, Thailand
Movenpick ice cream parlour, Ao Nang

Shopping is the only thing to do in Krabi at night apart from massages and cafes.

Restaurants in Krabi

Indian Restaurant, Krabi, THAILAND
Indian Restaurant, Krabi, THAILAND

– The Small hotel restaurant 

Do try the noodles or pasta.

– I forgot the name :/   (Indian restaurant) 

But no worries, I can explain.

There is only one Indian restaurant near Holiday Inn resort (remember resort, not express. B`coz both are there) which is in the yellow hut. The food is delicious, nearly the same taste as you will find in India. 

The place is surrounded by water and a lot of fishess…

Transport in Krabi

– Tuk-Tuks

There are 2 types of tuk-tuks, one a tempo kind and second a carriage attached with a scooty and that`s one of it`s kind..I enjoyed the ride.

Tuk-tuks, Krabi, THAILAND
Tuk-tuks, Krabi, THAILAND

– Tempos

You will be transferred by tempos to n from ferry and to other places where groups are going. Enjoy that!

Krabi to Phuket

Krabi to Phuket is around 2 hrs by ferry and you must choose ferry it is fun. You can also opt for a car but that will be expensive.
 You can travel to more places from this island like to Pattaya or Bangkok. You can also check my posts on the above mentioned places to plan your trip in a better way.

And, before I say bye I would like to help you further through the following blog. You are welcome!

Things to do in Krabi, Thailand

Things to do in Krabi, Thailand


What are the things to do on Krabi island, Thailand?

  • 4 Island Tour
  • Spend time at Railay Beach
  • Hot Spring Bath
  • Watch Kickboxing
  • Watch sunset at Ao Nang beach
  • Get a Thai massage

Are there markets in Krabi?

  • Weekend Market/ Krabi Night Market
  • Ao Nang walking street

Where should you stay on Krabi island?

  • Railay beach, if you just want to relax at the beach and do nothing
  • Ao Nang beach, if you want to explore the island 

How many days to spend in Krabi?

  • 3 – 4 days should be more than sufficient. There are not many attractions in Krabi. You will need more days if you plan to visit Phi-Phi island/ James Bond Island or Coral island/Koh Larn. If we only talk about Krabi then 4 days should be enough.

Check out the requirements for Thai Visa here

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