Here are some travel tips for your upcoming trip!

++ Airtel(Indian Network) runs some good international packages, do check them out before purchasing any sim.

++ Travel insurance is a MUST! Instead of buying it from your travel agent, buy it online. It will cost you less. Reliance insurance is a good option.

++ Mostly hotel websites offer cheapest rates/night and you can take the free membership, which gives you additional benefits. Same is with the attractions, try and buy tickets from the official sites.

++ Do web check-in to save time and get your choice of seats.

++ DON`T FORGET TO TAKE VAT REFUND FROM THE AIRPORT! get the filled form from every shop from where you shop. All shops have minimum shopping amount set after which they provide the form. You will have to ask the shopkeeper regarding this, as nobody will tell this to you on their own and you will also need your passport for this.
++  Don`t carry all your money and passport along with you when on tours in the city. Just put it in the hotel safe and carry the photocopies of the passport and the visa. Also, put a scanned copy in your phone and e-mail. If in any case your passport is lost you know where to find a copy atleast.

++ If you forget the code of the hotel safe then don`t worry, every hotel management has a machine to break the code.
  ++ Definitely check bus passes or railcards for your local tours in the city. You will save a lot of money.

++ Please specify the size of your meal whenever you place the order at food joints like burger king etc or they will give you the largest size.


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