Long halts at Singapore Changi Airport

Changi Airport РTerminal 2 

Greenery at Singapore Airport, Changi
Singapore Airport, Changi

14 times winner of “Best Airport in the World” award is the Changi Airport, Singapore and also the proud awardee of other 580 awards. Wow!
Isn’t this sufficient to shoot your curiosity levels and make you visit this airport soon?

Since you are reading this post, I am sure you are soon going to be on one of the terminals of this airport. Long halts at Changi airport will never be a problem for you rather you will have plenty of things to kill time here.
When was the last time when you got an unlimited leg massage for free on an airport? This might be the first time for you…

It is perfect for long halts because of great duty-free shopping experience, good relaxation options, and also good dining options. The best ways to spend long halts at Changi Airport

  • Attractions at Jewel
  • Shopping at Duty-Free
  • Exploring different cuisines at the food court
  • Getting a free leg massage
  • Hop to different terminals and explore

You will find all the things here you need but only if you are smart enough to manage your time. Read some useful tips here to make most of your time at Changi Airport.

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This airport has enhanced-immigration automated clearance system which makes immigration faster for travellers from some countries like India. The eligibility criteria for passing through it is as follows:

Eligibility criteria for passing through enhanced-immigration automated clearance system

You can read more about FTP here. Don’t worry if you don’t belong to the above category, thanks to this system, manual immigration counters don’t take much time now. The procedure until passing immigration remains the same for airports all over the world. To know more about the process read the airport guide.

After, move towards the Duty-free section of this airport. You might be thinking that I have missed the security check but no I haven’t, at Changi Airport, security checks are near the gates just before boarding the plane. So, make use of your precious time shopping and relaxing before you board.


Duty-Free Shopping

Duty-Free shopping at Terminal 2, Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Airport, Changi terminal 2

This terminal has a lot of fashion brands like Charles n Keith, Victoria Secret, Luxury brands like Marc Jacob, Hermes, Burberry and more. The best shop to start your shopping is Charles n Keith, this is because this popular brand is available at best prices here as compared to other parts of the world. Prices are slashed to as low as 50%!

Charles & Keith, Duty-Free shopping at Terminal 2, Singapore Changi Airport
Charles & Keith, Singapore Airport, Changi

Tip: You can avail 10% discounts on fresh products for a lifetime from this brand. This is only applicable if you are a member of this brand which is available to buyers after they buy stuff worth 250 SGD in a single bill.

Victoria Secret, Duty-Free shopping at Terminal 2, Singapore Changi Airport
Victoria Secret, Singapore Airport, Changi

The second shop to which you must proceed to is Victoria Secret, this brand is available in Singapore at great prices, one of the best rates. Grab some of the sexiest lingeries and surreal fragrances to pamper yourself.

Discover Singapore, Duty-Free shopping at Terminal 2, Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Airport, Changi terminal 2
Duty-Free shopping at Terminal 2, Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Airport, Changi terminal 2

You will also find souvenir and chocolate shops here but do not buy Lindt or Raffaellos here if you have a chance to buy it from Europe, New Zealand or Delhi, India.

Chocolate shop, Duty-Free shopping at Terminal 2, Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Airport, Changi terminal 2

Pro tip: If you do not have much time for shopping at Changi Airport then don’t you worry, you can book all the things you want online at the Changi Airport website and collect it before boarding. This also lets you compare prices at different duty-frees, yeyey!

Dining options

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There are a lot of cafes and restaurants, especially for meat lovers. Vegetarians also have some decent options like Kaveri and Bikanervala.

Kaveri Indian Restaurant, Terminal 2, Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Airport, Changi terminal 2

There are more options but at different terminals. Kaveri is the only vegetarian restaurant at terminal 2 but there is a sky train which interconnects the terminals.

Terminal 3 is the biggest out of the 4 and it offers a better shopping experience as there are more shops. You can never get bored at this airport even if you have a 5 hours halt. Keep hoping the terminals and you will not realize how you passed your time joyfully here.

Skytrain at Terminal 2, Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Airport, Changi terminal 2

Near gates you will find the massagers! You can relax here for as long as you like and that too for free.

Massagers at Terminal 2, Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Airport, Changi terminal 2

There are more way to relax at terminal 2 like the “Xperience Zone”.

Relax at Terminal 2, Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Airport, Changi terminal 2

There is a free snoozing area near Gate E5 and one more before it, you can relax for a while there and can also charge your electronics. Apart from this, there is another paid option at T2, Ambassador Transit Hotel, for sleeping for few hours and taking bath.

Jewel has been a wonderful addition to Changi Airport, it offers so much more fun attractions and ways to relax which are not possible at any other airport. Know more.

VAT Refund

Once you have entered this super green airport, you get a choice to fill the VAT refund form before baggage drop or after the immigration and it doesn’t make much of a difference. Irrespective of that, you will get the money only after the immigration.

Changi Airport - Singapore
Changi Airport, Singapore

The only thing to keep in mind is that if you fill the form after the immigration then you will have to keep the stuff, for which you want VAT refund, with you because the officials might want to inspect it. On the other hand, if you fill the form before baggage drop then you have the freedom to check-in the stuff.

Custom Inspection, Terminal 2, Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Airport, Changi terminal 2

You will have to fill the bill details on your own and then show the printed receipts to the officials to collect your money.

You can read more such Travel Tips to save some of your precious time and hard earned money.

Security Check

The security check is right at the entrance of every boarding gate. You will not be allowed to carry water bottles inside and you will also not find any washrooms or food outlets after the security. It will be a good idea to enter the gates a little late, only when the boarding starts.


Just a few things to keep in mind after deboarding the plane.

  1. You will have to fill the immigration form so preferably do it in the plane, if not then you can also do it near the immigration gates.
  2. Like departures, arrivals also have enhanced-immigration automated clearance system. You can check the eligibility criteria at the above-mentioned link.

After collecting the luggage there is a food court, just in case you are hungry or if you need a drink.

Food court, Arrivals, Singapore Changi Airport

Pro Tip: Taxis in Singapore are a little expensive so using a metro line can save you a lot. A taxi from the airport to the city center will cost you approx. 30 SGD but you can reach there in only 1.5 SGD by a metro. It is absolutely comfortable and doesn’t take much time.

Metro, Arrivals, Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Airport, Changi terminal 2

The city is very well connected by metro so you will never have a problem commuting. It does take a little more time in some cases but it is worth it.

Stay tuned to check out more about other terminals of Changi Airport… Share your experience at this amazing airport below…

More useful information about Changi Airport

  1. Address: Airport Blvd, Singapore
  2. Google Map: Directions
  3. Check Departure flight status
  4. Check Arrival flight status
  5. Check check-in details and get contact details of various airlines
  6. Special assistance needs like wheelchairs/strollers and more
  7. More facilities
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