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This is Thai Airways Review for Economy class to help you decide if this airlines is worth spending more when we have LCCs(Low Cost Carriers) available like Indigo at a cheaper price to destinations like Bangkok. As you know I have our own rating system called Comfys (based on more than 30 comfort factors), the highest Comfys I have ever Awarded is to Emirates, don’t forget to read the review of Emirates
This is a Boeing flight and unlike other planes this is really colorful and pleasing. Let’s explore the facilities provided by the airlines and find the Comfys it deserves:


Seat size - Thai Airways Flight Review
Seat size – Thai Airways Review
This flight has a 3x3x3 seating arrangement and the seat width is comfortable enough to accommodate a person wearing L size but the lumbar support can be a little uncomfortable for people wearing XL and above. 
The armrests are perfect, completely foldable. If you are lucky enough to get a vacant adjacent seat then put the armrest up and enjoy more space.
overhead panel - Thai Airways Flight Review
overhead panel – Thai Airways Flight Review
All overhead panels are different, really they are, check out Emirates review or Etihad Airways review to find the difference. Some have bigger lights or no lights, some have fans and some don’t and so on.
There are dedicated lights for each passenger in this flight cabin but no dedicated fans which can be a problem for people who get suffocated easily.


Footrest - Thai Airways Flight Review
Footrest – Thai Airways
The leg space is good for tall people till 6ft 1in but for people taller than that, their knees will rub against the next seat. 
The seats have footrests which I feel are absolutely mandatory for your comfort. However, if you feel differently then you can easily push the footrests up.
seat pockets - Thai Airways Flight Review
Seat Pockets –  Flight Review
There are two pockets for each passenger so the storage space is enough. This small pocket is very useful to store your phone because it will stay where you kept it but if you put it in the bigger pocket then you have to dive in it to get it back.


Entertainment Screen - Thai Airways Flight Review
Entertainment Screen – Thai Airways Flight
The touch screen works fine, you will not have to dab the options again and again. The screen quality is not great. There is a decent variety of TV shows & movies from different languages and some multilingual music channels as well.
There is no USB port on the plane. Wifi is also not available. 
There is in-flight magazine called “Vision Guide” which has all the details of the content available on the screen. It makes easier for you to choose.
Vision Guide - Thai Airways Flight Review
Vision Guide – Thai Airways Review
Vision Guide - Thai Airways Flight Review
Vision Guide
Vision Guide - Thai Airways Flight Review
Vision Guide – Thai Airways Review

You can also enjoy playing some games on board.


Remote - Thai Airways Flight Review
Remote – Thai Airways Review
The remote is set inside the armrest and you get controls on both side. One side is for in-flight entertainment system and the other is to make phone calls. You just have to swipe your credit card and you can call anyone to say that I am flying over Europe now, what are doing?
You will not have to struggle to understand the remote much because the Vision guide has the complete description.

Headset - Thai Airways Flight Review
Headset – Thai Airways Flight Review

Such headphones are better than the plug ones. It is lightweight and comfortable.


Sheets and Pillows - Thai Airways Flight Review
Sheets and Pillows – Thai Airways Review
Pillows and Sheets are given to each passenger. The headrest is foldable from each side, which is good. Windows have shutters.
Surprisingly, Thai has cameras outside the plane to provide a live feed to the passengers. Although nothing much is visible once we are up in the sky but it is a desirable option. 


Meal - Thai Airways Flight Review
Meal – Thai Airways Review
There is no prior information given about the food items being served. You can only choose between vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. However, during booking the flight tickets you get options for the kind of food you would like to have.   
The food was fine better than AirIndia, I would say. You can check the AirIndia review here.
Alcohol, juices, and soft drinks are served along with the appetizers. Tea and coffee are served after the meal however, you can request for the beverages any time you like.
Tray Table - Thai Airways Flight Review
Tray Table – Thai Airways Review
The tray table size was standard and adequate. The cup holder is behind the tray, only accessible after folding the tray.  


The host and hostess were kind and prompt. The ride was smooth, right from taking off to landing.
The web check-in is easy. 



The flight overall was fine, loaded with many more features as compared to Indigo. More comfortable seats would have made this flight so much better. Though it is rare to see such colorful seats in planes, I really liked it.
We would like to award Thai Airways 7.8 Comfys.  
Tip: Choose flights according to your priorities, if you definitely want entertainment on board, wifi or anything else. Look at that feature first and then make your choice.
Like, the XL seats are better in Indigo and the fare are also cheaper. If you do not mind traveling without entertainment system and paying for food on-board then it can be a better choice for you. A detailed review on Indigo is coming up soon.

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