Garden by the Bay Complete Guide

Garden by the Bay, Singapore, Aerial view
Garden by the Bay, Singapore, Aerial view

Garden by the Bay is one of the most visited attractions in Singapore and ranks in top 3 when we speak of things to do in Singapore. This amazing garden covers 250 acres of land on the waterfront and is awarded with well deserved awards, the list of awards is really long.

It is one of those attractions which can be revisited every time you are in this beautiful city. Singapore authorities keep giving amazing reasons to people around the world to visit their country, just like they recently did by adding JEWEL to their list. Know more about jewel.

Garden by the Bay Map, Location & How to reach

Garden by the Bay
Garden by the Bay

Look at the yellow lines on the right side of the image. This bridge connects Marina Bay Sands Hotel and the Garden by the Bay.

Marina Bay is one of the best areas in Singapore and full of attractions. Garden by the Bay is right at the back of the hotel. You can either walk around the hotel to access the Gardens or directly enter through the main entrance at Marina Gardens Drive.

Gardens can be reached by the bus, personal vehicle, taxi, or by MRT.

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953

Time: 5am to 2am

Ticket Price for Tourists: $28 for adults, $15 for children

Gardens by the Bay Map

This place alone holds more than 20 (free and paid) attractions for the visitors along with many dining options.

Gardens-by-the-Bay- attractions
Gardens by the Bay Attractions

The most visited attractions here are the “Flower Dome”, “Cloud Forest”, “OCBC Skyway”, and the “Garden Rhapsody”.

Means of Roaming in the Gardens

Domes - Garden by the Bay, Singapore
Domes – Garden by the Bay, Singapore

You must have seen these two structures before, these are the main domes for which tickets are required. It is little far from the main entrance but you will not realise the distance if you like taking the nature walks otherwise there are a couple of options to reach this area.

Garden by the Bay Shuttle

This shuttle is chargeable, 3 SGD per person for unlimited rides in a day. You can also opt for cycles or scooters to roam around.

The cycles/scooters are charged according to the KMs you ride. All you have to do is download the vehicle’s app and link it to your card. The money gets deducted when you finally stop your ride and park the vehicle back.

Autorider, Garden by the Bay
Autorider, Garden by the Bay

This is a fun AUTORIDER which is a driverless car and is operated by a remote. This can give you a ride off the Gardens at a decent speed. While anyone can enjoy this ride now, this project is still being developed and made better everyday. The 20 minutes ride is for 5 SGD per person.

Light Show, Supertree & OCBC

As you walk straight from the hotel to the Gardens, the centre area is occupied by the Supertree Grove, OCBC skyway, and the Supertree Observatory.

Supertree Observatory is the latest addition to this area, it started on 27th December ’19. You can enjoy the 360 degree view of the skyline from here.

You can access all of the above mentioned attractions for free and also the light show at 7:45 pm and 8:45 pm which happens daily here under the Supertrees. It is a 15 minutes light and sound show called “Garden Rhapsody“.

OCBC Skyway, Garden-by-the-Bay
OCBC Skyway, Garden-by-the-Bay

You will find some pre-wedding photoshoots going on here and some food carts. You can access the OCBC skyway from here, it is for 7 SGD per person. One can only access this skyway when the weather is clear. It is better to buy the tickets physically at the counter as if the weather is bad your prepaid tickets will be wasted.

Cloud Forest – Observatory

Cloud Forest Waterfall

This is the famous Cloud Forest Dome. This place has a huge waterfall, a 35 mtr tall mountain covered with plants and vegetation. This waterfall is the world’s largest indoor waterfall.


Cloud Forest is divided into 9 parts:


I would not spoil your visit by putting many pictures of the Garden but only a few.

The Cloud Walk, Garden by the Bay
The Cloud Walk, Garden by the Bay

This is how the cloud walk looks like in actual. You can reach the Cloud walk through an elevator. Usually there is a long queue to access the elevator, it would be better if you take the queue number first upon entering the forest , enjoy the rest of the dome, and then circle back to the elevator. Ask the staff, after how long you should come back to board the elevator.

Flower Dome – Observatory

Flower Dome, Garden by the Bay
Flower Dome, Garden by the Bay

You will find a variety of flowers here from all over the world. I am sure you will be surprised to see the varieties. Flower Dome is divided into 8 parts:

Flower Dome Map, Garden by the Bay

Worth a visit?

Absolutely, YES! some of my best memories in Singapore are riding the bicycle around the Gardens and lying beneath the Supertrees. It is amazingly peaceful and calming.

Garden by the Bay is heaven and especially for nature enthusiasts. If you are not very much into flowers, vegetation, and plants then you can skip the domes. Only those domes need tickets to enter. Rest of the Garden is free to access and enjoy.

You must visit this place (free area) once whether or not you like nature walks but going to domes absolutely depends on your interests. It will easily take at least 2 hours – 3 hours to check out both the domes. There are many food outlets like McDonald’s here to take care of your hunger.

Garden by the Bay Dining Options
Garden by the Bay Dining Options

These 3 following apps can help you in making your trip better and more informative:

  • Garden by the Bay App – Helps you with suggested itineraries, routes, and fun facts about the plants/flowers.
  • Supertree Observatory Mobile App – When you scan the sky view infront of you with your mobile camera, it gives you information about various far away places that are there.

You can also rent a headset for 4SGD to get conservatories (domes) audio tours.

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